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An Urgent Appeal for Aid to the ROCOR Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem

With the blessing of Bishop Irenei, we convey here the special appeal for aid to the Church Abroad’s Ecclesiastical Mission in the Holy Land, which is responsible for our monasteries and the care of the holy places there, and which is in need on account of the Israel-Gaza conflict currently take place around them.

The following special appeal has been circulated by the head of the Ecclesiastical Mission, Archimandrite Roman (links to donate immediately on-line are found at the end of the appeal):


JERUSALEM: 1 November 2023
A Special Message from Archimandrite Roman, Chief of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem

Peace has been shattered in the Holy Land, with 3 days of air-raid sirens in Jerusalem. Thank God nothing landed in the Holy City nor near our convents. Since then, it has been relatively calm but very strained at our 3 monasteries, which are in Palestinian areas. There has been unrest outside the gates of the Mt. of Olives Convent. Tear gas wafts over the walls and into the monastery grounds, even into the church. Meanwhile, our olive harvest has begun, but the holy sites are empty of pilgrims, probably for another year. Divine services continue daily, and we pray that our Merciful Lord will put an end to this struggle so that the peoples of this land could live in peace.

strong>We are in urgent need for augmented support from the beloved flock of our Church worldwide. Please help our monastics as they pray for peace and the salvation of Christian souls.

Please donate via PayPal, or make checks out to “Synod/REM” and mail to:

The Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem
Synod of Bishops
75 East 93rd Street
New York NY 10128

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